Gabriele Panico


Gabriele Panico is a composer, producer and musicologist. Since the late 90s, founding the Larssen network, he has explored the contemporary sound universe by working on the possible developments of modern musical languages. He’s been hosted during the past seasons as an invited guest in a large number of international festivals: in solo, chamber and larger ensembles, with acoustic and electric instruments, and/or electronic treatments. He has signed several soundtracks for cinema, television and advertising, awarded in independent film festivals. and has soundtracked numerous contemporary art, multimedia communication and exhibition events. He is also a consultant for art and multimedia for important public and private publishing companies. Discography: most recent titles are “Incassini” (2019) and “Ouvertures” (2017) as Larssen, “Stauberforms” (2021) and “Orsobruto” (2016) as Gabriele Panico.

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